Thoughts from vExpert Session July14th -> Scaling Converged vs Hyperconverged

First published on July 24, 2015 11:23:00 AM at HDS VMware Community

On July 14th we held a private webinar for the vExpert Community. Thanks to the always helpful Corey Romero, vExpert community manager for hosting it and giving us the opportunity to share some of the coolest converged technology out there.

The session was all about the power of the Unified Compute Platform API to allow orchestration of servers, storage, networking via API, the same way you can do so directly within the vCenter UI.

As I mentioned on the webex how about the following service catalog items in vRA !!

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HDS customers and fans join our new VMware Community

HDS recently launched the new VMware Community over at VMware Community. On this site you will find many of our product managers and senior VMware Consultants contributing deep-dive knowledge. This is perfect timing with VMworld fast approaching.

This is a lot more than just  storage, so you can find awesome resources about VMware VVol, EVO:RAIL, UCP Director for VMware and there will lots of other resources added…coming soon !

The purpose of the site is to share knowledge for when you put HDS and VMware together and shows the incredibly strong relationship that exists today between Hitachi Data Systems and VMware.

For anyone who needs information, now you have a shortcut where you can go and talk to the people who really know. There is also huge support internally for this initiative so over time many more internal experts will be getting involved directly helping customers….As usual we are all busy so sometimes we need to poke and prod them first :-)

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 17.38.28

Join up today !!

My VMworld 2015 USA Session Schedule

This year is my first time to attend VMworld USA. Will be great to get the chance to meet up with some great community comrades and also see the bigger scale. For me this is also the first time to be doing some presentations on behalf of the company. Probably booth-based in our booth theatre but let’s see what happens.

When I’m not at customer meetings or booth duty I wanted to share  my current session list. For me there are a few main areas of focus

  • Automation (agnostic)
  • vRealize Automation Suite
  • Service Catalog Design and Automation
  • Microservices / Docker / Applications in the 21 Century and how to automate them
  • vSphere advanced topics – Performance, Certificate Management, VCSA, NSX deep dive
  • vCloud Air as part of a coherent DR strategy
  • Openstack (VIO)

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Attention vExperts: Join vExpert HDS session on July 14th 4pm GMT

To all my esteemed 2015 vExperts in the VMware community, I really hope you can join the HDS team on a vExpert briefing next week to talk about why we believe HDS super-converged offering …. (I just made that term up) …… is the best fit today for scaling your Private Cloud environment.


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Come say hello at Frankfurt VMUG !!!


On Wednesday this week I will be travelling to the Frankfurt VMware User Group (VMUG). The event is on at the Marriott downtown Frankfurt.

I’m filling in for one of my colleagues on the desk at the conference and have taken the opportunity to come visit Germany.

I am bringing my laptop so anyone who wants to come along and talk to me about why I believe Hitachi Converged platforms are the best out there can catch a glimpse of Unified Compute Platform Director software running inside vCenter orchestrating servers, network and storage. No parlour tricks !!!.

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SDDC, I am your father, and I am called SDI


Listening to one of my favourite albums, by one of my favourite bands, Alt-J, I happened to glance across at the song title “Choice Kingdom”. It reminded me of what is going on in the ICT Industry today. We are in a world where some might say it’s All-or-Nothing. That’s their job, to disrupt, destroy and create doubt in the mind of buyers so they question everything they ever knew. To say it’s cheaper, faster, better; nothing can ever go wrong with our product. Right?

This is not new and has been covered before as a concept in the book Accidental Empires by Robert X. Cringely, describing Silicon Valley in the days of Jobs and others, where he likens the serial entrepreneurs as commandos who have a singular purpose. That is to create as much mayhem as possible in the enemy’s camps and ranks. It’s all about disruption.

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HDS SRA and VMware SRM 6.0 Certification Complete

HDS has now completed certification and qualification requirements for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 6.0 with SRA 2.1.4.

As of now all Hitachi block storage arrays certified with SRM 5.5 are certified with SRM 6.0.

The storage array models supported include VSP G1000, HUS VM, VSP, HUS, and USP V/VM.

VMware VVol Series: Part 3 Implementation Considerations and availability

The whole area of VVols will require quite a bit of consideration and people are wondering how it is implemented i.e. what does that really look like.

In the latest post in this three-part series my colleague Paul Morrissey discusses a little bit more regarding what the deployment looks like as well as support for HDS products. This is in the form of FAQ that have arisen both internally and externally.

The post is HERE:

He also talks about HDS V2I (Virtual Infrastructure Integrator) product which provides direct snapshot integration into the vCenter when using HDS arrays. It’s much more scalable than competitive offering as it’s running on HDS tin, which is also proven and validated to be more scalable (and performant) than all competitive offerings in the marketplace.  This will shortly be available for block as well as file storage directly inside vCenter. I’ll be blogging in the future to provide more background on that product.

I have previously published a full list of FAQ on the website.  You can find that resource HERE.

Hope this helps increase your knowledge level a bit more.