Silicon Valley: The gift that keeps on giving (VFD3)

Being a delegate at Virtualization Field Day 3 (VFD3) gave me an opportunity to spend 5 days in San Jose/Santa Clara/Mountain View/Palo Alto, also known as “The Valley”. It was not only great to meet vendors but also to hang out with Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth who know most people within the industry and have a pretty good idea where the IT Industry is heading. Continue reading

CloudPhysics…..Is this about Physics or IT? at VFD3

Some Background

This week at Virtualization Field Day 3 we visited the guys at CloudPhysics to hear all about their product.

To introduce them, CloudPhysics is a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to provide intelligent infrastructure analysis of Enterprise vSphere infrastructure platforms. They are also targeting Openstack and Hyper-V to provide heterogenous hypervisor support.

They have a solid pedigree. Three of the guys driving the company forward are ex-VMware. They are John Blumental, Irfan Ahmad and Krishna Raj Raja. As such you can understand that their first supported platform is vSphere.

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Atlantis Computing … A different approach at VFD3


Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.06.32

When it comes to customers considering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments, many will end up “bolting on” a VDI workload to existing storage that is servicing mixed workloads such as databases, file services etc. This is likely to be mid-range VNXe, FAS or other.

When VDI is “added” to that mix it can result in one possible outcome…mayhem. That’s primarily from a performance and manageability perspective.

Enter Atlantis ILIO, with a new approach which is about ripping up the instruction book and starting again.

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vCenter 5.1 SSO and Linked Mode …. recap …

I was talking to a customer yesterday about a storage solution and we strayed into a discussion about the vSphere Web Client, and compatibility with this, that, and the other (VUM and SRM to be specific).

While we were at it, the subject of Single Sign-on (SSO) on vSphere 5.1 arose again. SSO is a difficult subject for many people still. Configuring it is tricky for some, and this is covered a million times around the web. I think it’s pretty straightforward once you’ve mucked about with it in the lab for a day or two.

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