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Welcome to my VCAP-DCA page.

It’s January 2014 and I can’t believe I’m here. A good while back – around 2 years ago – I decided to “get” VCDX. That was a bit presumptuous of me and as it turns out, it was pretty naive.I had no idea what was involved.

That’s why it feels great having been through the extremely rewarding process to have three stakes in the ground on the road to VCDX – VCP, VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD.

That’s why I feel lucky – to finally prioritise something that is fundamentally important to me – and make great strides to achieve it.

It’s payback time now, and I want to encourage EVERYONE to have a go. You will not be disappointed – I promise you. The process is entirely rewarding and will open up many doors – you will make many new friends within the community. And some day you might actually get to meet them ;-).

Like some of my comrades in the community, here are my thoughts having been lucky enough to pass VMware Certified Advanced Professional for Datacenter Administration VCAP-DCA in May 2013. It’s an exam I enjoyed studying for – a lot.

I plan to write two posts in the coming week to cover off what I studied to pass, as well as specific exam tips and tricks, obviously within VMware NDA.

I also have a couple of exam guides that I used along the way. One on PowerCLI commands and bits and pieces, and a more formal guide mapping onto the blueprint. I’ll be adding these sometime this week so make sure to check back.

Here is the first in a series of guides in helping decide on which lab setup is best:

Lab Talk Series:

VCAP-DCA Lab Talk Part 1: Options and Use Cases

VCAP-DCA Lab Talk Part 2: The Kit and Kaboodle

VCAP-DCA Lab Talk Part 3: Homelab Physical networking

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