VCAP-DCA Recommended Blogs

When looking for resources to pass VCAP exams, it’s about finding what suits your style.

Here are some sources that I found very useful, and used a lot. If you’ve been doing more design work of late or haven’t done a lot of admin, you can still pass !. It’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet and muck about in a safe lab environment. And of course you need a lab !. More on that in another post.

By the end I guarantee you will know features of the vSphere suite you had no idea how to use. When you do you will think things like using PowerCLI to configure Auto-Deploy are EASY.

[important] Blogs !![/important]

The blogs/websites I used for study combined the work of these great sites:

1. Paul Grevink’s VCAP-DCA Diaries:

Very detailed – Very Complete – Great Examples throughout – Highly Recommended.

2. by Ethan Rowe – VCDX :

Very Detailed – Lots of great examples – Additional Information – Highly Recommended

3. (Josh Coen and Jason Langer) :

Very Clear – Great Detail – a couple of sections missing (maybe updated now).

4. The Saffa Geek – Gregg Robertson.

Gregg has a lot of great links on this page mainly related to vSphere 4. Although much of this still applies to vSphere 5. There’s a lot of other great resources on his site I’d recommend as well. Check it out !.

Overall I think you can use these blogs as guide while working through the Blueprint yourself. If you need a place to start – look no further.

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