VMware VVol Series: Part 3 Implementation Considerations and availability

The whole area of VVols will require quite a bit of consideration and people are wondering how it is implemented i.e. what does that really look like.

In the latest post in this three-part series my colleague Paul Morrissey discusses a little bit more regarding what the deployment looks like as well as support for HDS products. This is in the form of FAQ that have arisen both internally and externally.

The post is HERE:

He also talks about HDS V2I (Virtual Infrastructure Integrator) product which provides direct snapshot integration into the vCenter when using HDS arrays. It’s much more scalable than competitive offering as it’s running on HDS tin, which is also proven and validated to be more scalable (and performant) than all competitive offerings in the marketplace.  This will shortly be available for block as well as file storage directly inside vCenter. I’ll be blogging in the future to provide more background on that product.

I have previously published a full list of FAQ on the website.  You can find that resource HERE.

Hope this helps increase your knowledge level a bit more.

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