Just passed VCAP-DCA

As of 28-May I am a VMware Advanced Professional DataCenter Administration on Version 5.1 of Vsphere. I believe there are a few hundred people globally who own this certificatio. It requires you to spend a lot of lab time playing and practising with all features of Vsphere and Vcenter. So it’s tough but takes your knowledge to a whole other level.

The exam is hands-on and requires extensive knowledge of the Vsphere 5.1 and Vcenter 5.1 suite. It’s a 3.5 hour hands-on exam where you must perform tasks and activities, and in the course of those tasks, sometimes things do not work unless you understand the pre-requisites for certain vSphere/vCenter features. An example would be trying to configure a feature and a default firewall rule not being set to open to allow traffic to pass.

Anyone who wants to contact me who is considering going for this very tough yet rewarding qualification please use the details on the contact page. At some stage I hope to post a larger blog like some other esteemed VMware colleagues about the methodology used to pass the exam and the Lab setup.

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